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    Currently, a great challenge for organizations is to develop their ability to innovate and adapt to constant changes in their context and, thus, be able to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market.

    Developing the capacity of permanent change requires specific technological tools that will enable the organization to constantly review both its goals and objectives and their organizational units and processes so as to achieve a more flexible and versatile management.

  • Tendency to Process Automation

    The claims of society to the central or local government entities to improve services to citizens, demand new approaches to public management processes. To succeed, government organizations should formalize and automate procedures, restructure, redesign or consolidate activities, adopt best practices and abandon obsolete programs or services.

    To reach these goals, the implementation of a model of Process Management is a strategic practice of organizations. This keeps the organizations flexible, innovative and organized, optimizing resources, adding value to products and services and ensuring their organizational sustainability.

  • Process Management

    BPM is the most appropriate technology to meet the needs of today's organizations, facilitating control of their operations and enabling design, execution, measurement and optimization of processes.

    BPM platforms enable organizations to design, execute, monitor and optimize processes and each of its component activities, relate internal departments with each other and link them with external entities, representing the foundation of e-management.

  • Alberto Orgeira - Banco ICBC
    Juan Valdettaro - Banco Ciudad
    Jorge Casas - Banco Ciudad
    Andrés Miklos - San Miguel Global
    Carlos Niemann - MSTechnologies
    Darío Mateo Brunel - Red Link
    Grisel Waingortin - IMR & Asociados

    Gerardo Broveglio - Banco Itau
    Cynthia Crosetti - Banco Santander Río
    Graciela Siroli - Banco Santader Río

    Organizing Committee
    Juan José Dell'Acqua - Executive Director ar USUARIA

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